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Two Days to Go…….

It is unbelievable to me……three years past I was excited with the prospect of beginning the journey through nursing school. It was something that I had long awaited…..I had longed for since childhood (in between wanting to be an astronaut and a detective). And now this chapter of my life is coming to an end. No longer the student, though still learning.

Throughout my time the people in my life have been amazing. Friends encouraged, parents lent an ear to venting, and many handkerchiefs were made damp. I became a perfectionist, resistant to change. With graduation ebbing near, I find myself becoming who I was before nursing school again though maybe more mature (let’s hope), more brutally honest…..and much more discerning.

Nursing is not for ‘a special’ person. Either you want to do it or you don’t. The important thing in life is to discover the skills that God has given you and how He desires you to use them for His glory. Keeping him as the focus of all you do is the most important thing.

This is a random rambling…….a jumpstart back into the world of blogging.

I am very proud of all my friends who will be graduating with me and am curious to see what unfolds for us in the years to come.



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I need to develop my discussion skills. I am the person who thinks 5 minutes to an hour or more after I have left the conversation of everything I would say or want to say……..what I mean………


February 5, 2013 · 14:56

An Unfinished Poem

I began this poem a few years back and recently discovered it stuck in an old school notebook. I am wary to finish it as at the time I was quite into the story I had imagined……it is tempting to leave it as is and let the reader’s own whimsies carry them away with what they think might come to pass and how the child’s story ends.


Smoke swelled from the stacks.

Motors ran quite loud.

The hands of the workers,

Deft and quick,

Separated fibres that were apt to stick.

Colours flew by in a whirl.

Greys, browns, and blacks;

First going forward, then retracing their tracks.

After ( note to self: look up how many minutes),

Released from their ties,

The finished product was ready to buy.


The shelf was decked for Christmas cheer

With little children gazing near.

One boy in particular longingly stared

At the mannequin head prepared with care.

To him the cap looked cozy and warm

And he fingered the place where his pocket was torn.


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A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear You. 

What you imagine for yourself and your life is grand. Keep up the dreams. You must learn to realize that even though you are told it isn’t possible and that they are pipe dreams, those are lies. Anything you desire to do you can fight for and work hard to achieve. You have to want it. You have to want it with all your soul, mind and body. Everything that makes you who you are must be geared toward this ‘impossible’ dream in order for you to attain it. Nobody can stop you but yourself. And at times the government. However, prejudices and stereotypes can be overcome. Be the exception to the rule. Do not give up. Do not stop learning. If you ever come to a point in your life where you think you have learned everything, ask more ‘why’ questions…….reach for learning experiences in as many areas as you can. Learn to do what the world may consider ‘minimal’ tasks……you will learn to respect those who take on those responsibilities and be a well-rounded person. Be kind……be generous……be gracious. We are on this earth to support each other as we all seek to attain our dreams. Your dreams are coming true. It may seem like a long time coming, but I promise you……….they are.

Keep your chin up………..and never forget how beautiful you are when you smile.

All my love and support,




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Farewell to 2012

Another year is dawning!
Dear Master, let it be,
In working or in waiting,
Another year with Thee.

Another year of progress,
Another year of praise;
Another year of proving
Thy presence “all the days.”

Another year of service,
Of witness for Thy love;
Another year of training
For holier work above.

Another year is dawning!
Dear Master, let it be,
On earth or else in Heaven,
Another year for Thee.

By Frances Havergal

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January 1, 2013 · 01:48

Fight Like a Girl – The First Chapters

A couple friends and I have challenged each other to read books that will focus on God and our relationship with Him. We share sporadically and read different books, but it has been a marvelous incentive and I am enjoying what I have been learning.

The book that I began last week is titled Fight Like a Girl by Lisa Bevere. It covers the reclaiming of womanhood. Feminism may have its place when it comes to certain aspects, however God designed us male and female and we are not meant to be exactly the same. In today’s world, women are so busy trying to fill the man’s role and in addition do what is expected of them. We may very well be able to do everything (after all multi-tasking is one of a woman’s blessings), but why should we? Why do we try and take away from the man what God has ordained for him? Throwing in some quotes from Lisa, “We all lose when we take from others what was not theirs to give.” God has given each of us a purpose and we should focus on what He wants us to do with that. We should not be going after His purpose for us and also the purpose of the person next to us. And vice versa, “The man’s position is not up for grabs, just as it is not his to give away. The woman’s place is not the man’s for the taking, nor is it hers to forfeit. The two must stand together in their respective roles. What we have been given to guard, we should never yield to another.” And the roles are side-by-side……..women are not doormats.

The phrase ‘You fight like a girl,’ has a negative connotation to us. We want to be as rough and tough as the boys. We should feel complimented when we are told we fight like a girl, because we are girls/women. God designed us to fight like girls. Let me list a few Biblical examples of women who ‘fought like girls’: Jael, Abigail, Rahab, Esther, Ruth, Mary, etc. Claim it.

One last point to this babbling of thoughts. Women are not a problem. Men and women both think this at times. No. We are an answer. We were created as an answer. “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a companion who will help him (Gen. 2:18).  Adam needed help. Eve was his answer. Answers or solutions don’t have to fight to make their presence known when they come on the scene.”

There is more I would like to think/write about whilst I read through this book, so this topic isn’t finished. Let me know your thoughts.

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Jimmy Stewart and the Step

Whilst in Mexico we stayed at a hotel for one night. My friend. Julie, and I kept tripping over this top step on our way to the dining room. Trying to solve the why, we realized it was a tad higher than the others……which made me recall this poem penned by Jimmy Stewart……..

The top step in the hotel in Junin is mean.
Like the Devil is mean.
And it lies at the top of the other steps,
So quiet, so still, so serene.

But this top step has something quite special,
A very ingenious device:
It’s half an inch higher than the other steps,
A whole inch to be more precise.

And it uses this inch as a weapon,
The guests of the place to harass:
For when you reach the third floor of that hotel in Junin,
The top step trips you right on your ass.

Now I’ve had my share of knocks on the head,
I’ve felt enemy gunfire in war.
But if you want my opinion of what’s really bad,
I’ll be glad to give you the score.

Of all the degrading, inhuman, mean things,
That I in my life have yet seen,
The gross, most despicable one of them all
Is the top step in the hotel in Junin.


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