Two Days to Go…….

It is unbelievable to me……three years past I was excited with the prospect of beginning the journey through nursing school. It was something that I had long awaited…..I had longed for since childhood (in between wanting to be an astronaut and a detective). And now this chapter of my life is coming to an end. No longer the student, though still learning.

Throughout my time the people in my life have been amazing. Friends encouraged, parents lent an ear to venting, and many handkerchiefs were made damp. I became a perfectionist, resistant to change. With graduation ebbing near, I find myself becoming who I was before nursing school again though maybe more mature (let’s hope), more brutally honest…..and much more discerning.

Nursing is not for ‘a special’ person. Either you want to do it or you don’t. The important thing in life is to discover the skills that God has given you and how He desires you to use them for His glory. Keeping him as the focus of all you do is the most important thing.

This is a random rambling…….a jumpstart back into the world of blogging.

I am very proud of all my friends who will be graduating with me and am curious to see what unfolds for us in the years to come.



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4 responses to “Two Days to Go…….

  1. Kip

    I’m proud of you, Tessa. Enjoy the celebration!!

  2. cremedelauren

    Congrats dear! What a wonderful feeling. You will make a superb nurse. 🙂

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