Fight Like a Girl – The First Chapters

A couple friends and I have challenged each other to read books that will focus on God and our relationship with Him. We share sporadically and read different books, but it has been a marvelous incentive and I am enjoying what I have been learning.

The book that I began last week is titled Fight Like a Girl by Lisa Bevere. It covers the reclaiming of womanhood. Feminism may have its place when it comes to certain aspects, however God designed us male and female and we are not meant to be exactly the same. In today’s world, women are so busy trying to fill the man’s role and in addition do what is expected of them. We may very well be able to do everything (after all multi-tasking is one of a woman’s blessings), but why should we? Why do we try and take away from the man what God has ordained for him? Throwing in some quotes from Lisa, “We all lose when we take from others what was not theirs to give.” God has given each of us a purpose and we should focus on what He wants us to do with that. We should not be going after His purpose for us and also the purpose of the person next to us. And vice versa, “The man’s position is not up for grabs, just as it is not his to give away. The woman’s place is not the man’s for the taking, nor is it hers to forfeit. The two must stand together in their respective roles. What we have been given to guard, we should never yield to another.” And the roles are side-by-side……..women are not doormats.

The phrase ‘You fight like a girl,’ has a negative connotation to us. We want to be as rough and tough as the boys. We should feel complimented when we are told we fight like a girl, because we are girls/women. God designed us to fight like girls. Let me list a few Biblical examples of women who ‘fought like girls’: Jael, Abigail, Rahab, Esther, Ruth, Mary, etc. Claim it.

One last point to this babbling of thoughts. Women are not a problem. Men and women both think this at times. No. We are an answer. We were created as an answer. “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a companion who will help him (Gen. 2:18).  Adam needed help. Eve was his answer. Answers or solutions don’t have to fight to make their presence known when they come on the scene.”

There is more I would like to think/write about whilst I read through this book, so this topic isn’t finished. Let me know your thoughts.


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